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Softsoap Pure Zen Body Wash, Jasmine And Watermint

Introducing the softsoap pure zen body wash! This dispute-free, zen-inspired body wash is ideal for use in your home or office. The all-natural ingredients provideultimate cleanliness and are pregnant with the softsoap revolution. The jasmine and watermint blend provides a slightly warm scent that is perfect for summertime. And the pure zen formula claims to be gentle on skin, with no irritation or blisters. Don't wait for the tried and true - this one's baddy-friendly and on sale for 50% off today!

Softsoap Pure Zen Body Wash, Jasmine And Watermint Amazon

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Softsoap Pure Zen Body Wash, Jasmine And Watermint Walmart

This softsoap pure zen body wash is a clash of colors - the jasmine and watermint scent is very strong and fresh. It feels light and gentle on the skin, making it a perfect choice for travel. This soft wash also contains 10% natural product basedlotion and code: jasmine10 this soft soap is made with 10% natural product-based lotion. It is gentle on skin and contains jasmine and watermint scents, it also contains a code of 10 - for added convenience. This softsoap pure zen body wash is a light, refreshing wash that washes away all sweat and dirt. The jasmine and watermint flavors create a refreshing clean feeling, while the watermint helps to cleanse and protect the skin. This body wash is also gentle on the skin with the light, refreshing scent. Our softsoap pure zen body wash! This jasmine and watermint gentle wash is perfect for those who are looking for a natural bath wash. This softsoap wash is made with natural ingredients and uses softeners and conditions followed by the use of gentle soapazaki. The virgin jasmine and watermint fragrance are added enjoyedly. It has a low enough scent to not oppress the senses but still provides a nice clean feel.