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Orange Axe Body Wash

Introducing our new Axe energized body wash shampoo! This face wash is packed with trusted brands such as Orange Axe for it feels mixes well with your skin for a soft, healthy skin feel, plus, the axe-shaped head of the wash is said to be effective enough to clean teeth and gums as well as your smile. Our new set of three is sure to give you every day clean skin.

Orange Axe Body Wash Ebay

This Orange Axe body wash is sterling for body wash lovers as it contains 2 Axe energy wash products, the first product is an 13. 5 oz fever scented wash that wash away your body face hair, the other product is an 2 Axe energy wash that is enticing for suitors who are more environmentally conscious. This body wash is ideal for body wash users who yearn to feel good about their wash, it washes off leaving your skin clean and dry, while your hair is still searching a little bit oily.