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Olay Quench Body Wash Discontinued

Introducing the newest addition to our Discontinued Quench in-shower body wash line, this 8. 4 oz, model is discontinued, but the earlier 8. 2 oz, model is still available in-shower. This new one is more affordable, so it's a sensational way for admirers who don't need a full-size wash, new models are always released, so be sure to check back soon.

Cheap Olay Quench Body Wash Discontinued

Olay Quench body wash is a cold-pressed vegetable oil which is used for the purpose of thickening and rinse solution, it is a light, non-greasy, 15. 2 oz, bottle of shower body wash that will continue to be a popular alternative for folks hunting for a non-greasy, but effective solution for their rinse solution needs. Olay Quench body wash is a top-of-the-line way for folks hunting for an effective and light shower body wash that is affordable and straightforward to use, Olay Quench body wash discontinued. 8 oz, new Olay Quench body wash for a clean and healthy skin. Our low-costs sauna mode makes it straightforward to get your daily dose of cleaning power, Olay renders Discontinued the Quench in-shower body lotion wash. If you're scouring for a body wash that's been discontinued, try one of the other brands here, Olay Quench body wash is discontinued. New Olay Quench body wash 15, available now. This body wash is designed to Quench your body skin, it comes in a water-free rinse and is designed to keep your shower body clean and refreshed.